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Pay Equity for School Administrators

The pay equity settlement for school administrators has been approved and implementation began in term three of 2022. We’ve waited a long time for this – NZEI Te Riu Roa members raised this pay equity claim with the Ministry in 2018. We’re proud to have reached this moment.

The issues

The 'arguability' of the admin pay equity claim came down to three key points. These were deemed sufficient to indicate that the role of administrative staff in schools has been undervalued on the basis of gender. These points were:

  1. The consistently female dominated workforce, as measured from 1998 to 2019
  2. The characterisation of clerical and administrative work as women's work
  3. The feminisation of clerical work which has limited advancement of career and salary, regardless of time spent in the role

The ask

In order to rectify the imbalance that is present in the administrator role, any settlement needed to address three key areas.

  1. Recognition of the present value of the skills and duties of school administrative staff (in the form of a pay rise)
  2. Back-pay to reflect the historic undervaluing of this work
  3. Establishing frameworks or pathways to learning, development and career advancement for these kaimahi.

Building the case for Pay Equity

In order to address the inequality present in this space, work was undertaken to identify evidence of two key things:

  1. The presence of inequitable pay, conditions or opportunities for school administrators, such that men doing the same or similar work would be better compensated in different roles. 
  2. The scale of this inequality. 

This information formed a frame of reference by identifying comparator industries and roles and using these to establish what an equitable resolution would be, rather than relying on an arbitrary pay rise or pay out. 

You can read more about the pay equity process here or find the full evidence report under the resources section below. 

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The implementation began in term three of 2022 and will continue as schools work through re-grading staff and ensuring they are on the correct rates. 

NZEI Te Riu Roa members can access personalised implementation support. Join now or get in touch with the member support centre to find out more. 

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